Massage Therapist/Reflexologist

Welcome all and thank you for visiting my site.   I am Angie Ray, and I find no greater pleasure and reward than to make others happy through promoting healthy living via massage.


Initially, I started ARmassage outcall services to cater to  elderly and handicapped individuals; or those who have difficulties getting around.  However, my services are provided to all residential and business areas within a 15 mile radius of Mesa (Westwood area).


Massage benefits everyone.  Many doctors encourage their patients to receive massages to improve their health.  Some employers also recommend their employees receive massage treatments to increase productivity.  The same results can occur for students under constant pressure of taking exams.  Below are listed many benefits of receiving massage treatments.     


It would be a great pleasure in serving you and I look forward to doing business with you.  Thank you, again for visiting my site and have a wonderful and healthy long life.




Benefits of Massage

*Increases circulation and venous flow

*Directly reduces muscle restrictions

*Encourages lymphatic flow

*Loosens scar tissue

*Stimulates the release of endorphins

*Increases joint flexiblity and better range of motion

*Strengthens the immune system

*Improves muscle tone

*Relieves mental and physical fatigue/depression

*Relaxes the body and encourages healthy sleeping patterns

*Aids in preventive healthcare

>Thereby, creating longevity



Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas in the feet and hands.  These reflex areas correspond to specific body parts and organs within the body.  Reflexology provides the same benefits as massage with a couple of exceptions:

  *It is non-invasive for chronic or acute conditions

  *It efficiently addresses ALL the systems of the body